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CandidateZip Announces Hiring Workflows for Simplifying the Recruitment Process

CandidateZip proudly announces the integration of its hiring workflows with Hubspot, Greenhouse, and Zoho.

The ingenious workflows are a perfect solution for the recruiters wanting to enhance their recruitment practices. The automated functionality helps the recruiters achieve real-time parsing that saves their valuable time.

The direct integration of CandidateZip’s hiring workflows with individual ATS providers like Greenhouse, Hubspot, & Zoho expedites recruiting. The recruiters with these integrations have to simply create the workflow once.

The latest integrations work to improve the recruitment process and remove the errors caused by manual data entry. Not only do the recruiters save time because of the functionality, they also get accurately parsed data and make better hiring. 

Paramdeep Singh, the CEO of CandidateZip says, “The best feature of the functionality per se is that the fields are auto-mapped by the team to save the recruiter’s precious time. However, they do get the option to customize the field mapping and select options as per their preference.” He further adds, “We call it the Code-free app because no API integration is required when hiring from any of these three platforms. Creating a hiring workflow is simple and anyone can do it without the need of the developer.”

Many experienced recruiters face the challenge of making the best hires and capturing the accurate candidate data from the resumes. Because the recruiters are constantly struggling to select the skilled candidates while manually saving the data of each in the excel sheet, the company eases the process with one-time workflow creation that fetches accurate results.

Key Benefits:

  • Recruiters can get detailed resume data extraction in multiple fields
  • Allows to extract their custom candidate fields from resumes easily and accurately
  • The hiring workflows help the recruiters migrate candidate data from any source, including CRM and historical data
  • The intelligent processing solution helps the recruiters get structured and customized data without the need for them to have any technical knowledge.

About CandidateZip

CandidateZip is a global provider of fast and easy hiring workflows for recruiters. Its client includes recruiters who need to manage resumes/jobs easily in their hiring process, free from technical hassle. It allows recruiters to save time by using innovative tools, and they do what they love to do, i.e., closing more jobs.