CandidateZip is providing a no-code resume parser, which helps in extracting information from resumes and storing into your existing ATS/CRM. With the one-time setup, it runs continuously and parses resumes efficiently. It connects with more than 300 ATS/CRM and more than 400 sources. It is useful for startups, small businesses, as well for medium-sized companies to parse resumes in bulk.

CandidateZip is offering a no-code resume parser. This tool extracts data from resumes/jobs easily and uploads details such as contact information, educational qualification, work experience, skills, job profile to any CRM/ATS, database, or excel. It can connect with more than 400 sources like email, Dropbox, desktop folder, and more than 300 CRM/ATS databases such as Zoho, Salesforce, Bullhorn, etc. It requires a one-time setup and runs continuously without manual intervention. It is available online with free credits each month. Resume parser is beneficial for ATS/CRM companies, job boards, and HR professionals or recruiters from staffing companies, enterprises. Basically, it is an API model which needs a technical person to integrate at the user end. CandidateZip does not require a technical person to integrate into the recruitment module. It is a web-based module which can be used by a layman as well. Hence, it is an ideal solution for small businesses or startups or any recruiters.
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