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CandidateZip Integrates Hiring Workflows With GreenhouseTo Expedite Recruiting

CandidateZip has come up with yet another intelligent and ingenious feature for the recruiters

HIRING WORKFLOWS” seems to be a perfect solution for the recruiters wanting to enhance their recruitment processes. The new feature makes the integration of email & zip to Greenhouse easy with a resume.

What Makes This Feature Unique?

Perhaps the most exceptional aspect of Hiring Workflows is that the recruiters will no more have to use Zapier as a third party integration. Courtesy this, the recruiters ended up paying double fee to both the platforms. The new feature however, saves them the hassle of paying both the CandidateZip and Zapier.

The feature facilitates the recruiters to directly integrate their hiring workflow with Greenhouse. The recruiters get to save their valuable time with this completely automated functionality that lets them create a workflow just once.

Serving as a single platform for easy integrations with Greenhouse, the plans offered are unparalleled and pocket-friendly. In times when recruiters are constantly struggling to make the right hirings while manually saving the data of each candidate's resume in the excel sheet, automating the backend with a one-time workflow creation will fetch accurate results. This will further help them speed up the hiring process.    

CandidateZip is a global leader that simplifies resumes/jobs data extraction into their ATS/CRM. Its unique features help recruiters to save time on data entry so that they get sufficient time to perform other tasks.

 Who Can Avail CandidateZip Services?

  • Staffing Companies
  • Recruiters
  • Start-ups

What Other Ways CandidateZip Benefits Recruiters?

  • Automated detailed resume data extraction
  • Allows users to extract their custom candidate fields from resumes accurately
  • Fast data migration from any source, including CRM and historical data
  • A coding-free app for recruiters to automate their workflows in no time

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