Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Indeed UK Economist Comment: New Four-Day Work Week Results

Jack Kennedy, UK Economist, Indeed

The research from 4 Day Week Global suggests this model is helping to build better working experiences for jobseekers as those companies involved in the scheme continue to see a fall in average working hours but without a drop in efficiency.

Indeed’s data shows that although still a relatively niche part of the market, job postings offering four-day work week arrangements continue to steadily rise and now make up 0.8% of postings on the platform, having more than doubled over the past three years. In-person sectors like healthcare, childcare, manufacturing and food service job postings have the highest prevalence of four-day weeks in job postings and have also seen the biggest increases recently. That suggests employers in these sectors are using it as one way of competing on flexibility with rivals in other sectors who can offer remote and hybrid options. 

With working policies forever disrupted by the pandemic, organisations that offer models like the four-day working week as standard may be able to offer a more competitive package than others and entice the best staff. Jobseekers could benefit too, giving them more flexibility between their work and personal lives and give them the opportunity to find better work.