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Indeed Introduces Specialist Media Networks, Helping Employers Reach Skilled Candidates for Hard-to-Fill Roles

Today, leading global matching and hiring platform Indeed has introduced Specialist Media Networks to help employers hire for competitive and hard-to-fill roles.

With talent shortages across several sectors in the UK, Indeed’s industry-specific Specialist Media Networks enable employers to reach more candidates with specific, in-demand skills. Tech Network, the first of Indeed’s Specialist Media Networks, focuses on the tech sector – an industry where many roles are notoriously hard to fill. 

Video game designers top hardest-to-fill tech roles 

The tech skills shortage has often been hotly discussed in the hiring industry. While UK businesses struggle with recruiting tech talent broadly, there are certain roles which are the hardest to find the right candidates for. In the UK, video game designers and firmware engineers are the most difficult positions for businesses to fill, with over half of roles being open for 60 or more days. SQL developer roles round out the top three hardest-to-fill tech roles. 

Hardest-to-fill tech roles
*Percentage of roles open for 60+ days on Indeed


Video game designer



Firmware engineer



SQL developer



Senior architect



FPGA engineer



SAP consultant



Cloud consultant



Reliability engineer



Senior design engineer



Site reliability engineer


The hard-to-fill roles point to the specific skills needed for many tech positions, contributing to businesses’ difficulties in recruiting quickly in the sector. 

Indeed’s Specialist Media Networks are designed to better support employers hiring for specialist roles, such as those in tech. By opting into Tech Network when sponsoring a job on Indeed, employers can attract millions of qualified technology professionals in a competitive hiring landscape – all within their usual Indeed Ads workflow. 

The first of Indeed’s Specialist Media Networks, Tech Network, distributes an employer’s job ads across more than 50 technology-specific sites, such as WIRED, Amply, VentureBeat, Stack Overflow UK Tech News and Tech.EU. Combined, these sites see more than 500 million total monthly visitors*, providing additional visibility to an employer’s job ads. Employers using this network to hire are already receiving a significant increase in relevant applications for tech roles – on average, employers using the Tech Network experience a 2.7x rise in relevant applications from skilled candidates*. Indeed is looking to expand Specialist Media Networks to other industries facing talent shortages, with plans to explore more sectors soon. 

Raj Mukherjee, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Employer at global matching and hiring platform Indeed said: “We know that hiring will remain challenging for years, particularly in the UK where there are talent shortages in sectors like tech. We remain committed to simplifying the hiring process by bringing employers more ways to fill critical roles faster and connecting them with more people who have the specific skills they need. Our new solutions give employers more options to target and reach qualified candidates, whether actively job searching or passively open to new opportunities.”

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