Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Four Day Work Week Commentary: Indeed’s UK Economist, Jack Kennedy

By Jack Kennedy, UK Economist, Indeed Hiring Lab

“That 15% of employees who took part in the four-day week pilot said no amount of money would persuade them to accept a five-day schedule, suggests a trend where staff are placing a greater emphasis on work-life balance over more traditional incentives like pay, despite the cost-of-living crisis. This indicates a valuable opportunity for employers to examine their remuneration packages, build flexibility into their offerings and become more enticing to jobseekers without necessarily having to offer significantly higher wages.

Indeed data shows that, while the number of total postings for roles offering a four-day week is still comparatively low (0.3% of postings on the platform), there is steady growth in the UK. Healthcare, childcare, hospitality and manufacturing job postings are among the most likely to offer four-day weeks. It will be interesting to see how businesses react to this research and whether the four-day week will gain momentum.”