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Discovered dares in data-driven design

By Alec Middleton, Recruitment Industry Specialist

“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it isn’t that good.” - Martin Leblanc, Founder/CEO, Icon Finder

In Volcanic’s eBook, Data-driven Design: An inside look for recruiters at the value of a functional, responsive, user-focused website, we speak about the importance of recruitment website design that presents a seamless user journey across all channels, and that uses the power of colour, fonts, directional cues and other elements of UI design to enhance the user experience, and boost conversion rates.

​We thought we’d delve into more detail using our client, Discovered, a super cool Dubai-based recruitment agency.

This website really ticks every box in both visual design and good user experience. Not only does it present an aesthetically beautiful user interface, but it also demonstrates data-driven design thinking that delivers an exceptional experience for both candidates and clients.

Let’s take a look…

  • ​Instantly you get a feel for the brand, and notice the repetition in soft, circular shapes which reinforce the design of the logo.
  • The positioning, size and circular design of the logo acts as a bullseye for the job search, drawing the user in.
  • The background image supports this, drawing the eyes of the user down and centre, again in the direction of the job search.
  • And notice the man looking up at the search. These are all subtle directional cues that make a huge difference.
  • What's more, reinforcing the logo in the background is a clever use of subliminal messaging, and this is repeated in numerous places across the site.
  • Not to mention, the attention-grabbing CTA which anchors the user to the next section.

Take me there…

  • ​Again in this section the eyes follow the lines in the background image directly towards the key CTAs in the centre of the screen.
  • It's aesthetically pleasing to look at, but at the same time, mechanically genius!

Contrasting shapes

  • ​The sub-pages have a cleaner look and feel, and introduce new shapes to the user. Rather than rounded, soft shapes that we observed on the homepage, we now see straight lines and sharp edges. What is the effect of this?
  • The straight, diagonal header shape draws the eye down the page, and as you scroll down you will notice the eye follows a zig-zag formation, as a clever use of both lines and animation catches the users attention in various points down the page. This is all intentional user experience design.
  • The header also opens space to focus on the social media icons.
  • The straight edges contrast with the rounded CTAs, allowing them to keep their prominence on the page.
  • Again you notice consistency in branding and colour, with the mint green logo subtly appearing in the background of the team members as the user hovers over them to reveal more information.

Smooth animation

  • ​The animation throughout this page entices further engagement as users interact with the content.
  • Subtle interaction design such as expanding and highlighting content draw attention to key CTAs throughout the website.

​Mobile optimisation

  • Thanks to our mobile-considerate web design, the Discovered site is wonderfully responsive.
  • CTAs are adapted to present tap-friendly touch targets, and content responds well to a smaller screen-size, with content stacking vertically rather than horizontally.
Discovered Recruitment Homepage mobile Discovered Recruitment mobile

Discovered Recruitment mobile Discovered Recruitment mobile

​​​Friendly fonts

  • It is clear that Discovered have put a lot of focus in the design process on portraying a strong brand image, even down to the smaller details such as their choice of a sans serif font, Karla, which re-enforces their hip and casual brand feel.

​The Discovered website is the result of working with a client who truly values the importance of design-led thinking, as well as the mechanics behind the aesthetics that boost engagement and conversions. It is an absolute pleasure to work with clients like Discovered.

This site is also an example of Volcanic's dedication to delivering beautiful websites with functionality and user experience at the forefront.

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