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Improve candidate quality (and boost your income). Here’s how

The CV: It’s a professional’s most important job-search tool, and yet, so many candidates are ill-equipped with shoddy documents that don’t represent their true value

It certainly makes your job harder, and while you’d love to tweak and improve every candidate’s CV that crosses your inbox, it’s simply not possible. In the end, the quality of a CV is entirely up to a job seeker’s understanding of CV writing, and when a CV is poorly written, your best efforts may not be able to compensate for it.

There are professionals out there, however, who are trained to assist job seekers in this area. Professional CV writers specialise in crafting high-quality CVs that are proven to help job seekers land the right position more quickly. Focused on producing documents that present a compelling career narrative, strike a visual balance and highlight the candidate’s value, these professional writers are a perfect companion to your recruitment efforts, equipping your candidates with the CV they need to impress your clients.

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Lauren Settembrino is a regular contributor to TopCV, a Talent Inc. company and the world’s premier CV-writing service, offering a range of professional services including expertly written and keyword-optimised CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Click here to learn more about becoming a TopCV affiliate partner.