Secured Signing


Secured Signing offers recruitment companies and their candidates a compliant, efficient, and secure electronic signing solution that cuts expenditure and speeds up any recruitment or onboarding processes right.

The days of chasing candidates to print, sign and scan back documents are over!

Integrations with all of the major recruitment softwares (such as RDB Pronet, Bullhorn & FastTrack) allow you to use digital signatures on any document from within the software your team are already using.

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In the words of one recruitment customer:

"Paper was the bane of our lives, and we had been looking for a reliable and secure way to sign electronic documents for some time. Secured Signing’s solution ticked all the boxes. We didn’t have to change to or buy a specific HR system; it is an extension of our existing systems, so it was agile, quick, and easy to set up with great support from the Secured Signing team.

It’s a new way of doing business, but it’s really sped up our recruitment process and provided some great efficiencies without causing any technical headaches to implement."

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Here's some of the ways Secured Signing helps recruiters:

✔ Improved Hiring
Send candidates NDA's and job offers securely and allow them to sign digitally to speed up the hiring process.

✔ No More Paperwork
Printing, signing, scanning & uploading is a thing of the past. Turn any printed form into a digital one.

✔ Easy Integration
Integrates with all of the major recruitment software solutions including FastTrack, RDB Pronet and Bullhorn.

✔ Automate Processes
Turn your processes into workflows that will automatically send the right forms at the right time.

✔ Save Time Following Up
We will keep chasing people to sign documents for you and alert you if they haven't.

✔ Ensure Compliance
Increase your compliance and accuracy rates and stop searching for paperwork.

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