IRIS Networx


IRIS I Networx is a leading provider of recruitment software and recruitment services. With the latest applicant tracking software and a low cost alternative to recruitment agencies, Networx delivers end to end solutions to over 450 UK companies enabling them to attract, engage, manage and onboard the vest best talent.

Originally established in 2001, to offer a fully managed services to help organisations optimise the benefits of online job boards and avoid costly agency fees, Networx is a leading provider of both the latest Recruitment Software and highly successful Recruitment Services. In order to manage the high volumes of candidates attracted on behalf of clients, Networx developed a system that allowed organisations to view their applications. The software continued to be developed to reflect the requests of clients who wanted the system to do more and more resulting in one of the most flexible and configurable applicant tracking systems in the market today. Both our software and our services continue to grow to support the original objectives: to help organisations attract, engage, manage and onboard the best possible talent.
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