Integro Accounting Limited


Whether you a veteran contractor or a millennial on the rise, Integro Accountancy provide a first-class accountancy service from an award-winning team of accountants. Dedicated to understanding the wants and needs of contractors, consultants and freelancers, Integro Accounting have an outstanding 5-star reputation from the people that matter – our clients.

From just £100 + VAT per month, you can have a partner integral to your contracting career. Our accountancy package includes:
  • All-inclusive price - no hidden charges, one comprehensive package at just £100 + VAT per month.
  • One dedicated accountant - no switching accountants, no constant repetition, one person who will support you every step of the way. 
  • Unlimited face to face meetings – in addition to phone, skype and email support meet your accountant at your leisure. With offices across London, South-West and Wales. Award winning software for FREE - Free Agent licenses provided to all Integro accounting clients, easy to use software on the go.
  • 24/7 access to your accounts - have complete visibility of your accounts. 
  • Complete peace of mind - founded from the word ‘Integrity’ Integro accountancy have a complete open book policy.
  • No catch up Fees – Join Integro Accounting and pay no catch up fees when switching accountants.
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