Textkernel is a global leader in AI-powered recruitment and HR technology, delivering innovative solutions to over 2,500 software vendors, corporate and staffing organizations worldwide.

Our expertise lies in multilingual parsing, semantic search, skill and profession taxonomies, labor market intelligence, automated candidate engagement, and a mid office solution for staffing companies. 

At Textkernel, we embrace your unique needs, whether it’s finding top talent, eliminating manual data entry, implementing skill-based practices, or automating the full recruitment process.

We offer a modular approach consisting of products that can be combined, configured, and customized to tackle the challenges that matter most to your organization. Our suite of AI-powered products streamlines and automates the recruitment and talent management processes, seamlessly integrating with your existing HR technology.


Founded in 2001, our mission has been clear from the start: to apply cutting-edge AI research to real-world challenges. In our early years, we set the stage for innovation with groundbreaking solutions like Resume & Jobs Parsers and Labor Market Insights. With the advancement in AI, we led the way in releasing AI-powered recruitment technology, featuring deep learning and LLM (Large Language Model)  parsing, semantic search, and unparalleled match capabilities.

Textkernel’s physical offices anchor our global reach. Complemented by a dynamic network of remote workers worldwide, our team is seamlessly connected, delivering unparalleled expertise and innovation wherever you are.

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