Textkernel’s products help recruiters find the best candidates faster and match their available candidates to all other vacancies (both in-house and on the market). By providing the most accurate multilingual CV parsing, semantic search, sourcing, matching and lead-generation tools, Textkernel helps companies achieve higher fill rates and grow their revenue.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machining Learning and Semantic Technology, Textkernel products speed up the recruitment process by:

  • saving time on processing profiles
  • sourcing the best candidates from owned databases as well as external sources
  • highlighting new leads from all direct employer jobs on the market

Thousands of staffing companies, recruitment agencies and recruitment software vendors across the globe use these products to gain a competitive edge:

  • Extract! - Multilingual CV parsing software. Automatically convert CVs into structured profiles within your database.
  • Search! - Semantic sourcing software. Simultaneously search for relevant candidates in your own databases as well as external databases (such as job boards and professional networking sites).
  • Match! - Semantic CV and Job matching software. Use a CV or job vacancy to automatically create a search query and find the best matching results in your databases or external databases, accelerating the process of connecting candidates and jobs.
  • Jobfeed - The Big Data tool for jobs. Access a searchable database of online vacancies for lead generation, job market analysis and competitive insight.

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