PASS Technology


PASS Technology is a software solution that makes background checking faster, cheaper and more efficient.

PASS technology provides a single location for all your background checking needs.

Suited to any company, regardless of size, PASS delivers a better candidate experience, gets results faster and improves efficiencies by automating the process.

What is PASS?

PASS is a software solution that provides a central location for an organisation to do all its checks. 

What checks can you do through PASS?

Criminal checks (DBS, DS), employment referencing, credit checks, sanctions, PEPs, adverse media and directorship checks

What about Compliance challenges?

PASS provides full transparency for compliance purposes. WHat's more it is built to your compliance specifications. In fact, PASS enables businesses to operate compliantly faster.

Is PASS more suited to a particular vertical? 

In general, PASS drives greater value for industries that are more highly regulated, but in essence background checks should be done by every business bringing new employees onboard or contracting third party individuals. PASS can be used by any business.

Does PASS do the checks?

No, PASS provides the technology to improve how a business does its background checks. We are not a background checking company and can work with outsourced suppliers or directly to brands to drive value.

How much do you charge?

We charge an admin fee per check which depends on the volume of checks you are doing. 

Need further information?

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