At Amberjack we’ve long been setting the standards in future talent and volume recruitment. Our advanced systems and intelligent solutions are designed to deliver the ultimate candidate experience. From intelligent attraction to RPO and bespoke assessment and selection tools, we’ll work as an extension to your team. Building a solution that fits you. We’re a passionate strategic partner, focused on not only optimising value, but creating tools and processes that will deliver results. We are the quality behind the quantity. We do what’s right for our clients and their candidates. We don’t know any other way.

The ultimate tracking power

Our Ambertrack ATS has been designed for volume recruiters by volume recruiters. Candidate experience, automation, bulk processing and integration’s are integral to its DNA.

You will be excited by the way that Ambertrack supports and enhances all your processes and doesn’t require you to compromise your approach to fit its structure. You will also be impressed by the dramatic improvements it will offer to your candidate experience.

If you have a volume-based system already you will be impressed by Ambertrack’s market leading reporting, the lack of access restrictions on your data, the excellent customer service, the contextualised screening, SJT and video interview modules that come as standard and the unique features it offers (Automated Personalised Candidate Feedback, Net Promoter Scoring at all stages, Toggled Candidate Progress Bar, Interactive My Account Area).

Whatever your situation you will be impressed by the relative affordability of the system and the level of configuration and customisation which comes as a standard part of the implementation process as well as the comprehensive user support.

“Ambertrack is the best in class. It has been designed for volume recruitment by people who understand volume recruitment.” Head of Operations, Technology & Functions Campus Recruitment, Global Financial Company

Call us to request a demo or speak to one of our many happy Ambertrack customers and experience what it’s like when your system works with you not against you.

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