Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Job postings for four-day week roles up 90% as employers seek new ways to fill record vacancies

But it's more popular in the South than the North.

With more job vacancies than unemployed people in the UK, the latest data from the UK's leading independent job board CV-Library, shows that recruiters are pulling out all the stops to attract job seekers. In the week thousands of workers begin a trial of a four-day working week, with 100% pay for 80% of the hours, CV-Library's data shows that job postings for these types of jobs are up 89.6% year on year.

Interestingly, whilst there is an increase in all locations in the UK, there is a clear divide in the North and South of the UK as to which employers are embracing the idea. 

Top locations with biggest year on year increase in four-day week job postings:

  • +191.4% South West
  • +148% Wales
  • +108% South East 
  • +104% London

Locations with the smallest year on year increase in four-day week job postings:

  • +55% East Midlands
  • +53.8% North East
  • + 70.1% East Anglia
  • +79.6% North West

In terms of sectors, all except agriculture and personnel have seen annual increases to four-day a week job postings. The top sectors are as follows:

  • +492% Charities
  • +373% Distribution
  • +286% Catering
  • +247% Sales
  • +214% Administration

Lee Biggins Founder and CEO of CV-Library comments "We are seeing a huge increase in the number of four-day week jobs being posted. A year ago, these types of jobs were negligible. A lot has changed in both the economy and the job market over the last 12 months and employers are having to seek new ways of attracting new staff, over and above competitive pay and a pension."

Biggins continues:  "Time will tell if this draws in job seekers, and we'll be keeping a close eye on application numbers. It's also crucial to see the results of the trials in place and if a four-day working week is viable and sustainable for businesses and not just a short-term solution to attract and retain top talent."