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Brits scramble for immediate work, as experts warn unemployment rate could double in Q3

According to new analysis from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, searches for ‘immediate start’, ‘work from home’, ‘temporary’, ‘home-based’ and ‘remote’ jobs have soared in the past seven days, as Brits adapt to the new norm and scramble for job opportunities that they can do from home

The data looks at the amount of job searches made on the CV-Library site between 22nd-29th March and compares this with figures from the week of 14th-21st March. According to the data, overall job searches have dropped by 13.9% in the past week, though searches for the following terms have soared:

  • Work from home – up 140%
  • Immediate start – up 101.2%
  • Home based – up 42.2%
  • Temporary – up 40.8%
  • Remote – up 9.3%

The findings come as economists warn that the rise in joblessness in the second quarter of 2020 is expected to be even sharper than during the financial crisis in 2008. 

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments: 

Many UK businesses have had no choice but to make redundancies during this unprecedented time and this is causing a spike in people looking for temporary, home-based, or immediate work. At the same time, the government’s support for the self-employed has been met with harsh criticism from those who don’t meet the criteria to receive payments, which may have also contributed to these figures. 

Interestingly, the following job search terms saw a dip during the same period: Receptionist (-40.2%), Administrator (-32.7%), Sales Assistant (-27.8%), Site Manager (-20.9%), Cleaner (-15.3%), Business Analyst (-14.2%), Retail Assistant (-13.6%), Labourer (-11.8%), Plumber (-10.5%), and Engineer (-5.5%).

Biggins continues: 

When there’s so much uncertainty in the market, the prospect of changing jobs just isn’t on the cards for Brits in stable jobs and our findings highlight where interest is dropping the most. Hiring is expected to decline in the coming days as the nation sits tight and waits for more advice from the governmentWe want to support businesses as much as possible with their recruitment efforts, especially those with urgent roles to fill right now. In fact, we've already seen an increase from companies posting jobs in the social care and charity sectors over the past week."

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