Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

REC comments on Labour’s menopause announcement

Commenting on Labour’s menopause policy outlined today, Shazia Ejaz, REC director of campaigns, said:

“We urge politicians, businesspeople and trade unions to collaborate because there are few workplaces where the menopause is not experienced by staff. Not enabling people at the peak of their experience and knowledge to stay in work adds to labour shortages at a time when new job adverts are at a 14-month high. Bupa research found that almost a million women have left the workplace due to menopausal symptoms – which is not far short of the 1.3 million existing job vacancy adverts today.

“A menopause action plan is a useful contribution to the debate because too few employers provide workplace adjustments and flexible working and rights, a sick leave policy relating to menopause, or returner programmes that include and highlight post-menopausal opportunities as well as post-maternity.

“We still await any update on the government’s commitment earlier this year to lead on a public health campaign around menopause, including how people can get help at work.

“We were pleased to contribute to the government’s Fuller Working Lives taskforce focused on menopause support last year, and would like to see those recommendations for business, government and the health service enacted as soon as possible.”