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REC comments on Labour’s green jobs ambition

Commenting on Labour’s ambition to create 650,000 new jobs, Shazia Ejaz, REC Director of Campaigns and Research, said:

“Green jobs are increasingly important to employers’ workforce planning, with a recent global survey by the World Employment Confederation finding 81% of global respondents - and 88% of the UK respondents – saying they will increasingly look for green skills in their workforce in the next five years.

“Yet in our Defining Green Jobs report published earlier this year, we identified at least six different definitions of green jobs from organisations that can all influence UK policymaking. Futureproofing the workforce means we need a set definition of a green job to ensure we get policies right. The absence of a more detailed agreed definition makes it incredibly difficult to identify the skills needed to fill those roles, and implement and evaluate policies and identify effective interventions. The health of the nation as well as our economy depends on agreement between government and stakeholders on what a green job actually is.”