Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

ONS Labour market comment - CV-Library's CEO says figures aren't painting a true picture of the current job market

In response the latest ONS Labour Market Statistics released this morning, please see a comment from CV-Library's founder and CEO, Lee Biggins, below:

"Employment has dropped on the quarter and while it's only by a small amount, we know that the government's Job Retention Scheme has been a saving grace for many. This is echoed by the fact that hours worked has fallen by 23%, which is more indicative of the current state of the job market. Alongside this, the fact that less people are actively looking for work is an interesting one. However, there has been a significant drop in vacancies, meaning the opportunities haven't necessarily been there. We are starting to see numbers pick back up and last week was a record week for new jobs. However, the sad truth is that unemployment could, and will most likely, rise sharply in early 2021, unless more businesses are able to create new employment opportunities for everyone - not just young people." 

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