Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Comment: Chancellor's £1,000 grants won't save jobs, so what should we be focusing on?

Dean Sadler, CEO and Founder at Tribepad

"The sad reality is, £1,000 is no way near enough to encourage businesses to keep on furloughed employees. This barely scratches the surface of the costs facing struggling businesses deciding to keep on staff in this climate.

“When the scheme does finally come to a halt, we will unfortunately see mass redundancies. But the government should not be looking at ways to extend the scheme, but at how we can better support the future of the workplace.

“Young people at the start of their careers are in trouble. And we need more support to help them enter this highly competitive job scene. As the £2bn Kickstart young adult jobs scheme is set to launch this week, this should be our main focus. By extending the furlough scheme, we are only adding more debt to a young person's long term tax burden, on top of university fees and the effects caused by the recession. Their future now lies in how the government reacts within the next coming weeks. So let’s hope they make the right decision."