Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

REC pleased to report our highest-ever compliance return from members

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has today expelled 40 members for not passing its industry leading Compliance Assessment.

Members successfully completing the REC’s Compliance Assessment once every two years is required by the organisation's Articles of Association, and includes checks on recruitment industry legislation and the REC’s Code of Professional Practice.

The number of expulsions at 40 in 2023 is down on the last cycle (51 expulsions in 2021). Those expelled will not be able to rejoin the REC for a period of six months from September 2023.

Lorraine Laryea, Chief Standards Officer at the REC, said:

“Members must pass the Compliance Assessment to join the REC, and then to remain as members. This sets our members apart as doing things the right way and ensures that REC membership is a clear signal to clients of quality and compliance. When it comes to government, the Assessment is vital to demonstrating the important role that the REC can play.

“The lower number of expulsions compared to the last cycle shows an even greater commitment from members to adhere to high standards. That is what our badge stands for, and we will be requiring all expelled firms to remove mentions of the REC from their materials immediately.

“We hope to see those expelled rejoin the REC in due course when they are ready and able to pass the Assessment. They will then be able to continue to lend their weight to our collective efforts to champion the role that professionally accredited recruitment plays in the economy and society.”