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MHR delivers impressive savings for Sytner Group through e-payslips

Estimated savings of £25,000 per annum with iTrent’s e-payslips

MHR (formerly MidlandHR) has enabled the Sytner Group to benefit from substantial cost savings of approximately £25,000 per annum, through the roll out of electronic payslips (e-payslips). MHR’s Outsourcing services and iTrent solution supports its in-house payroll and HR team and provides a reliable service to its 6,500 employees, across 83 different payrolls.

The cloud-based solution and service, which Sytner Group first started utilising a number of years ago, is currently enabling the car dealership to evolve and develop in line with modern best-practice processes so they can keep their employees engaged.

Kerry Chambers, Group Payroll Manager, Sytner Group comments: “Our decision to partner with MHR was about remaining in control, but still utilising their expertise and experience.  We currently have 83 payrolls of various sizes paid on different pay dates across the month, totalling 6,500 employees so this was a vast project which required us to put our complete trust in our chosen partner. However, once we had made the decision to switch to e-payslips, the roll out was impressively quick.”

The Group was ready to trial the new electronic process across its Head Office of 500 employees within one month of making the decision, with a paper payslip service run alongside it for the initial month to help bridge the cultural change. The Group then rolled iTrent E-payslips out to a further 2,000 employees across its BMW division, before including the 4,000 remaining employees across the entire Group by March 2016.

Chambers continues: “iTrent is full of hidden gems that can make a business work smarter, rather than harder, and our annual savings and achievements so far with e-payslips speaks volumes. It is a much more efficient and risk free way for us to distribute confidential payslips whilst making a positive impact on the environment.

“Meanwhile, the benefits for our employees are huge. Payslips can now be accessed and reviewed quickly and easily on a Smartphone or PC/Laptop as a simple PDF document sent as a password protected attachment. They also receive them earlier each month through a batch processes which automatically fires them on set times and dates. This gives employees a chance to review their pay and benefits ahead of pay-day. We have had amazing feedback, and even the traditionalists have engaged. Issues that we used to face, such as payslips being sent to incorrect addresses or not arriving on time, have all been eliminated!”

MHR’s Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Jenkins, comments: “We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Sytner and hope that we can continue to help them innovate further and improve processes for employees and managers alike.  We are currently rolling out additional functionality across the group including the implementation of e-Recruitment. This is set to provide further HR efficiencies across the business by reducing administration, streamlining processes and improving the candidate experience.”

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