Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Brits are shaking off the 'Blue Monday' blues as thousands search online for new jobs

Job applications and visits to Jobsite’s website skyrocketed on Monday 15th January, proving the busiest day of activity for UK job seekers in 2018 so far

‘Blue Monday’, considered the most depressing day of the year, has inspired thousands of UK job hunters to begin on the path to a new career and start searching for new jobs online – new data from job board Jobsite reveals.

Jobsite experienced 35% more job applications and 30% more visits to its website on Monday 15th January 2018, compared to the average daily rates seen in January 2018 so far.

The heightened job search activity of Blue Monday continues a trend of Brits flocking online for new roles during the first working days of the New Year. Jobsite also witnessed a peak in job applications on Tuesday 2nd January 2018, the first working day of the year for many, with a whopping 70% increase on the daily average in December 2017.

Nick Gold, CEO at Jobsite commented, “It’s really encouraging to see that ‘Blue Monday’ is motivating UK job seekers to brush up their CVs and begin applying for new roles in their thousands. As the busiest day of job hunting activity we’ve witnessed in 2018 so far, even topping the first working day back, it’s clear that many are using this dreary day as the catalyst to make the positive career move they desire.”