Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Wave launches industry-first AI Job Advert Assistant

Using AI, WaveTrackR can now write job adverts for recruiters with just a little information given to it

In a groundbreaking launch, WaveTrackR is tackling one of the greatest challenges in the recruitment industry - crafting a first-class job advert. Using AI, WaveTrackR can now write job adverts for recruiters with just a little information given to it. Enter the job role essentials and any extra information provided to you in the brief and the AI Job Advert Assistant will quickly craft an error-free job advert that works with the job board algorithms. It’s a kick-start that will be hugely valuable to a great number of recruiters.

Why is the Job Advert Assistant needed?

Ask a recruiter what the most time consuming, difficult or dull part of their job is and they’re likely to say it’s writing job ads. Getting them right is hard and can be a long process. And yet job adverts are a crucial first step in the candidate attraction process. Put simply, a poorly written advert will generate a poor response. The option to utilise an AI tool to quickly write a job advert that reads well and incorporates key job role information could be a lifeline for busy recruiters. Consultants will no longer have to start from scratch with each job advert they write. Instead, they can use the AI Job Advert Assistant to jump-start those job ads which can then be added to, adjusted, and injected with that all-important human element.

A simple, efficient, quick process

As with all good technology, WaveTrackR’s AI Job Advert Assistant is incredibly simple.

  • Essential information - You start the way you approach the creation of all job adverts on the platform, by entering the essential information. Job title, job information, location, job requirements, and contact information.
  • Job advert type - When you get to the large box designed to write your job advert, this is where it all changes. Rather than writing the job advert in the field from scratch, often unsure where to start, you can click ‘use our Job Advert Assistant’. You can then choose whether to write a long advert, a short advert, or a job advert as a poem (we love this option!).
  • Additional information - The is where you can include the benefits that could sway candidates and add meat to the bones of your advert. The more information you provide, the better the advert the AI can output. Think of adding information such as company name, work culture or benefits. Essentially, take the points highlighted as important in your brief.
  • Click ‘Generate advert’ - before your eyes, in mere seconds, the AI Job Advert Assistant will write the job advert based on all the information provided to it.
  • Make adjustments - At this point you have the option to click on ‘improve the advert’, which will prompt the AI Job Advert Assistant to update and make changes.
  • Humanise your advert - You have your template, now it’s down to you to inject personality and warmth into the advert to make it further attractive to candidates.

The huge benefits for recruiters

  • Time saved - Once the information has been entered into the system, the AI Job Advert Assistant will write the advert in seconds.
  • Copy improved - Most recruiters are not copywriters. The AI Job Advert Assistant takes the key information that needs to be in the advert and turns it into perfectly worded, error-free, job board algorithm-compliant copy.
  • A template that can be personalised - The AI Job Advert Assistant is not intended to replace humans. It merely provides a well-written template containing the key information for candidates. Recruiters can then add that human element themselves, providing the best of both worlds.

The key is in the word ‘assistant’

WaveTrackR’s new AI Job Advert Assistant doesn’t replace humans, it doesn’t replace creativity, it doesn’t replace the personal touch. What it does do is make the candidate attraction process easier from the very beginning. Recruiters are busy, they are not copywriters, and they need a quick and efficient way to put out well crafted job adverts that attract talented candidates. WaveTrackR’s AI Job Advert Assistant does exactly that.