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Never miss a candidate again with brand new WaveTrackR

The data-powered multi-poster and CV Search’s forward-thinking multi-step process ensures that nothing is missed in the quest to find qualified candidates.

As a leading provider of candidate attraction technology, Waves overriding mission has always been to create a world where talent is never missed. We have now moved one step closer to that ambitious goal with the launch of the newly augmented WaveTrackR. The data-powered multi-poster and CV Searchs forward-thinking multi-step process ensures that nothing is missed in the quest to find qualified candidates.

The entire posting process has been streamlined to maximise results, from ensuring that you leverage the candidates in your database, to posting better jobs in the right place and at the right time, to making it easy to preview and rank candidate applications and understand the performance of each individual job.

Never miss a step, never miss a candidate

The early stages of the recruitment process are vital. Get it wrong during the candidate attraction phase and everything that follows will be harder. And yet, there is so much to consider that it is all too easy to miss a step that could heavily impact the quality of the applications you receive.

This is why we wanted to turn the candidate attraction process on its head and rethink the approach to job posting.

Enter, the brand new WaveTrackR.

A triple-step approach to candidate attraction and management

WaveTrackRs ambitious aim is to ensure no stone is left unturned in the search for the best candidates for each and every job. It does this via 3 main steps:

1. Uncovers candidates that match your jobs before you even come to post them out.
2. Improves the quality of your jobs and makes sure they get posted in the right place, at the right time.
3. Keeps track of all your applications and helps to filter and manage candidates.

For Wave CEO and Founder Dave Jenkins, its a natural evolution for WaveTrackR:

We wanted to help recruiters get more not just from the job boards but from the market in general… Weve completely overhauled how WaveTrackR operates. Its faster to use, its easier, its more intuitive in terms of looking for candidates that are already on your database before you post a job. And it gives you that information fast so that you can get candidates in front of your clients as quickly as possible.”

Whats new?

Within those 3 master steps is a series of new features and approaches, leading to an overhaul of the process in order to maximise your candidate sourcing success. Heres whats new:

A simplified, step-by-step process

WaveTrackR takes you through the essential steps to find, attract and manage the best candidates for your jobs. This maximises your ROI and ensures you never miss a candidate again - a hassle-free, quick and easy to follow process every time.

Uncover existing candidates in your talent pool

WaveTrackR automatically matches any CVs in your existing database to your job requirements before you post it out, allowing you to preview potential candidates already in your database before making posting decisions. This allows you to find ready-to-place candidates quicker and without incurring job ad expense.

Draft better job ads with enhanced AI

Remove writers block and get a jumpstart on your job ad with the enhanced AI Job Advert Assistant. Enter the benefits, required experience and any additional information to draft optimised, compelling adverts quickly and easily.

Clear recommendations on where and when to post your job

Take the guesswork out of job posting with WaveTrackRs intelligent recommendations, clearly displayed on the relevant pages as you progress through the steps. WaveTrackR analyses your inputted job details to recommend the best job boards for your job, as well as the best time to post, based on live data.

Easy-to-view new and reviewed applications

View new applications on one side of the new Job Summary page and search, filter and action reviewed applications on the other side. This makes it easy to find and manage all applicants for your jobs, speeding up time to hire.

Quickly check all job details

All details for each individual job are housed on the Job Summary page. Its where youll find the key job details, all applications, job boards used and performance data, plus you can edit, extend or expire the job from here.

And youll still be able to:

Post to multiple job platforms

Quickly and easily post to multiple job boards, your website and social media channels in a single action and from a single location - and view all of your applications in one centralised location too.

Track job performance with comprehensive analytics

Our easy to view dashboards show the comparison of the performances of your job boards and track burn dates, rates and credits remaining, allowing you to intelligently assess your recruitment strategy.

For Waves Sales Director Carlo Alboreto, who has been in recruitment and recruitment tech his entire career, its all about equipping recruiters with the tools to ace the candidate attraction journey every time:

We are fully aware that data plays a huge role now in recruitment and agencies that utilise this will always win. We believe our new WaveTrackR system gives agencies real insights into the candidate attraction journey to make sure great candidates are never missed.”

Start 2024 on a high

Wave HQ is abuzz with the new WaveTrackR launch and we cannot wait to roll it out to clients and to start talking to recruiters that want to improve the quality of their applications and the ease and speed of the whole candidate attraction process. Its being rolled out imminently for standalone WaveTrackR clients, with Bullhorn integrated clients able to use it from late November and clients integrated with Vincere from early January. So all clients will be able to start 2024 on a high, with the tools to find great candidates more quickly and easily.

Getting to quality, qualified candidates before the competition means speed is essential in the early stages of the recruitment process, and that is precisely what the new WaveTrackR offers - ease, speed and an intelligent approach to candidate attraction.

Its been a long time in development… We always come back to the idea of trying to build something that will generate better quality candidates faster and quicker. The role of the recruiter is to assess the skills that the candidates have, rather than to fish for candidates and get them to apply in the first place - that is what WaveTrackR does for them.”

~ Dave Jenkins, Wave CEO & Founder