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Wave’s big brand relaunch

For many months, Team Wave has been hard at work behind the scenes, polishing our all-in-one solution for candidate attraction.

Wave is thrilled to unveil our brand relaunch - the culmination of 25 years of experience, industry knowledge, an unwavering drive to innovate, and a product offering optimised for candidate attraction.

For many months, Team Wave has been hard at work behind the scenes, polishing our all-in-one solution for candidate attraction. Our newly streamlined offering showcases our commitment to help recruitment agencies attract a wave of top-tier candidates quickly and effortlessly.

Weve sharpened up our brand visuals with a sleek and modern design and we think it looks pretty great but this relaunch goes way beyond a visual overhaul. Wave wants recruitment leaders to be assured that when they choose Wave, they are choosing not just one piece of the candidate attraction puzzle but an all-in-one solution. With Wave, recruiters are choosing one company to tackle all of their candidate attraction challenges.  We do this through cutting-edge tech, data and human expertise all working together to deliver exceptional results.

For Wave CEO and Founder, Dave Jenkins, Waves brand relaunch is the cementing of everything that Wave offers to recruitment. Its the evolution of a quarter of a century serving the recruitment industry:

Our brand relaunch reflects the journey that Wave has been on over the years - the decades of growing with and understanding the recruitment industry and what recruiters need. Our visual identity is now reflective of the tech-fuelled, sleek and streamlined way we operate as well as the friendly, human-centred company we are. Weve ensured that our refined product offering provides you with everything you need in order to attract high calibre candidates. And we are super proud of it all.”

Waves brand relaunch allows us to re-introduce ourselves to the world of recruitment as the go-to company for candidate attraction. So, without further ado, let us introduce our refreshed and refined candidate attraction technologies:


Waves candidate sourcing tool enables recruiters to source high calibre candidates easily, plus make data-driven decisions to enable them to post jobs quickly and simply at the right time and place. Source more candidates with these candidate attraction benefits:

  • Candidate matching - uncover existing candidates in your talent pool
  • CV Search - source talented candidates quickly with a CV search
  • Job multi-posting - post to multiple job boards, your website and social media
  • Data-driven - know when and where to post jobs
  • Candidate management - manage the candidate process from application to hire
  • Recruitment analytics - understand job and contract performance and improve ROI


Powering high-performance recruitment websites, WaveSites gives recruiters a way to attract more candidates and convert more clients with their own tech. With these tools and benefits, you can build, manage and grow websites that will in turn help to grow your recruitment agency:

  • Brand & creative - design and build brand-driven, candidate-focused websites
  • Advanced job listing and search - advertise jobs candidates can search and apply for
  • Recruitment CMS - manage all the information on your website
  • Recruitment SEO - optimise for search and make sure your website gets found
  • Candidate management - manage applications to your jobs
  • Recruitment analytics - understand how your recruitment website performs


WaveMedia helps you to manage and get the most out of your job board contracts. Recruitment agencies can keep track of all their recruitment media contracts, benchmark cost and performance, access independent data and advice, and improve the ROI of their contracts with these benefits:

  • Media buying - buy media strategically and reduce costs
  • Media management - consolidate job board contract management
  • Job board contracts - store job board contract detail and costs
  • Performance - understand and improve contract performance
  • Benchmarking - access historical contracts to compare year on year pricing
  • Independent advice - get independent data on job board buying
  • Job board network - access to thousands of job boards via one supplier
  • Reporting - report and manage job board inventory

Waves brand relaunch is more than just a pretty face. Its a reflection of our unwavering commitment to help recruitment agencies to attract the best candidates for your jobs quickly and easily and part of our wider mission to create a world where talent is never missed.

We want all recruiters to be able to say goodbye to recruitment FOMO with the knowledge that they are doing all they can to attract the very best candidates to their jobs. As we welcome in Waves new era, we can confidently say that, with us, they can.