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Ex-MP Amber Rudd turned Recruiter?

Amber Rudd launches new job-board – and Voyagers Paul Thompson thinks it’s great.

Conservative MP Amber Rudd today launched a new job-board search tool that’s aimed at helping those looking for a better work/life balance.

Just as millions of parents wipe the noses of their kids and packed them back off to school, Amber Rudd perfectly timed the launch of the new Government backed job-site tool.

More than 50,000 vacancies are already advertised, primarily aimed at those looking for a better work/life balance, which is a hugely valuable market and so it’s great to see this niche being addressed properly.

Work and Pensions Secretary and Minister for Women Amber Rudd said,

“From staggered hours, to flexi-time and remote working, we are trying to help all women find out about the flexible working options available to them, allowing them to balance their priorities in a way which works. Juggling work life and home life is becoming more of a problem in the 21st century and with flexible working becoming more of a priority how do you get your company on to the market ladder"

Paul Thompson Sales and Marketing Director for Voyager Recruitment Software commented:

“There has been a significant upturn in the demand for temp labour from all sectors. Our Recruitment agency customers are putting thousands of part-time mum and dads out to work every day. From tele-sales people to tree surgeons, nurses, teachers, cleaners and more, our software is helping millions get back to work. It's great to see a Government backed job-board aimed at helping these gig-economy workers.

Voyager Software has witnessed a 40% rise over the last 10 year in temporary placements and the industry expected to be worth $2.7 trillion by 2025. It’s in part that due to that growth, we launched, a tool designed to help the global temp workforce engage with the thousands of Recruitment agencies running our Recruiting Software.

More information about Voyager Software can be found at and you can check out Ambers new search tool here