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Voyager Infinity case study: Number 8 Group (Construction recruitment agency)

Number 8 Group is a Windsor-based Construction & Demolition recruitment company recruiting temporary workers.

After a successful migration from Voyager’s legacy product VDQ to Voyager Infinity recruitment software alongside our Mid-Office pay & bill software, we caught up with Rose Pardoe, Resourcing Manager and responsible for building and managing the group’s CRM platform and candidate databases, to discuss the team’s initial impressions of their new CRM.

What challenges has Number 8 Group been facing in the recent years?

Rose Pardoe: Construction is a fast-paced industry with changing and increasingly more complex and competitive work environments. As a temporary recruitment agency operating in this sector, we need to manage a flexible workforce that can react to the changing requirements imposed on any contractor, company or government body. This means ensuring that we keep a clean database, using automated processes to minimise human error and save time, and very importantly we need to keep track of expired documents & GDPR to ensure only compliant candidates are put forward to our clients – that’s where Voyager Infinity comes in.

How does Voyager Infinity support your day-to-day business?

Rose Pardoe: We use Infinity for temp placements mainly. It’s been a short time since we went live back in May, but we already love it! Since the implementation, it has helped us keep track of candidates who are starting work, and we love that it tracks expiring documents which is massively important for us. It also manages GDPR well, saving us headaches. The system is very customisable which has been great for us.


What are the features that users and management find the most beneficial?

Rose Pardoe: I would say that the search feature that allows us to sort the candidates by distance, from closest to the job to furthest away, has been hugely helpful to date. Another aspect that saves us valuable time are candidate email communications syncing from Outlook to their profiles in Infinity automatically, no more copying and pasting every single email manually in the system. Another benefit that comes to mind is the bulk email feature to email multiple candidates for work – this is saving us money on text messages and believe me, with the volume of people we deal with, it all adds up quickly! Finally, being able to customise the system to our liking was also a major plus – we don’t have to follow rigid software procedures, it goes the other way around.

Great to hear! What can you tell us about the level of customer service that Number 8 Group has received, in terms of training and support?

Rose Pardoe: I must say our training was very good, we had an excellent trainer who made the process very seamless. He was patient, enthusiastic, happy to answer any questions and to show us how to make the system work for us in terms of customisation. As for the support team, they’re a pleasure to work with – very easy to contact, very responsive. There is always someone around to assist with our queries.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rose. One last question: would you recommend Voyager Infinity to other recruiters?

Rose Pardoe: Without hesitation, yes! Infinity helps us keep track of everything we do, and it has already become a core part of the business after just a few months. We are very happy with our decision to move to Voyager Infinity.

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