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Bullhorn Copilot launches with AI tools tailored to the staffing industry

First offering uses generative AI to help recruiters communicate with candidates more efficiently and effectively.

Bullhorn, the global leader in software for the staffing and recruitment industry, today announced the launch of its new AI solution, Bullhorn Copilot. Bullhorn Copilot will span the entire Bullhorn platform, beginning with Copilot Starter, a set of generative AI capabilities embedded directly in recruiters’ ATS/CRM. Copilot Starter debuted at the Bullhorn Engage event in Sydney today ahead of an April product release. 

Like many others, the staffing industry quickly adopted generative AI in 2023, with 55% of staffing firms reporting that they have experimented with AI, according to a recent Bullhorn survey of staffing professionals worldwide. While the adoption of AI is still in its earliest stages, firms that experimented with AI in 2023 were already 31% more likely to see revenue gains than firms that have not begun experimenting with AI. 

Bullhorn’s unparalleled access to data on recruitment outcomes fuels AI investment

Bullhorn Copilot will span the entire Bullhorn platform, with AI-driven capabilities embedded directly into recruiters’ workflows. Bullhorn’s approach will apply AI technology to three categories designed specifically to serve the needs of staffing firms: generative AI, source and match AI, and directive AI. 

  • Generative AI will help recruiters write content and messages more efficiently and effectively.
  • Source and match AI will help recruiters and sales teams find the best candidates and jobs, allowing them not only to identify candidates that match search terms the recruiter enters, as they do today, but also to predict which candidates are most likely to be placed successfully.
  • Directive AI will help staffing professionals identify the most appropriate next step in their work, informed by past successful outcomes.

Copilot allows staffing professionals to harness the benefits of AI right in the workflows they’re already using every day. At the same time, they are able to benefit from the wealth of centralized data and industry expertise within Bullhorn: using prompts informed by Bullhorn’s understanding of staffing, leveraging algorithms that learn from the successes of the most productive recruiters, and being able to apply these insights across all aspects of the business. With 4.4 million placements made in the Bullhorn ATS alone in 2023, machine learning capabilities deployed within the Bullhorn platform are trained on an unparalleled volume of real job placement outcomes. 

Generative AI capabilities are the first to launch, with additional source-and-match and directive AI capabilities to follow later in 2024 and 2025. 

Copilot Starter offers generative AI purpose-built for staffing

Copilot Starter, the first set of these new capabilities, puts generative AI functionality directly into the ATS to allow recruiters to draft candidate communications faster and more thoroughly. Using data they have already entered into the system, recruiters can craft more accurate and relevant communications, instead of building their own AI prompts in a second application. Copilot Starter uses generative AI to help recruiters with the following tasks:

  • Creating pre-screening questions
  • Drafting rejection messages
  • Pitching a candidate for a job
  • Updating a candidate’s resume
  • Summarizing a candidate’s profile
  • Creating a client pitch
  • Improving a message to a candidate

Copilot supports integrations to multiple AI providers, allowing staffing firms to evaluate and choose the LLM provider that best suits their business needs. Bullhorn Copilot will unlock new levels of quality and productivity, allowing junior recruiters to operate at the level of seasoned professionals and enabling experienced recruiters to work faster with greater accuracy. 

Bullhorn has partnered closely with customers on early adoption of this functionality to understand where AI can add the most value for their firms. IT and healthcare staffing firm IDR has been using Copilot Starter for four months. “The job duties that I want employees to be focused on are more of a priority now, because they can hand off some administrative tasks to Copilot. With Copilot, they have their own assistant sitting at their desk with them every day,” said Will Hayes, Chief Operating Officer at IDR. “I’m starting to see improvements in ramp up time with staff and in the amount of training in some administrative areas that we don’t have to invest as many resources into.”

“Bullhorn’s approach to incorporating AI into our platform is deeply informed by nearly 25 years of experience serving the staffing industry. We have the ability to build AI directly into staffing workflows with the appropriate context to achieve the highest impact for both recruiters and talent,” said Matt Fischer, President and Chief Operating Officer at Bullhorn. “The extensive scope of recruitment data in our platform allows us to train AI to meet the specific needs of staffing firms, and we’re keeping compliance and privacy top of mind in the process.”

To learn more about Copilot Starter and Bullhorn’s vision for staffing AI, visit the Bullhorn website.

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