• When it comes to security, recruitment firms cannot be too safety conscious. Ensuring that the IT infrastructure can’t be compromised by departing employees, other recruiters or third party organisations for any sinister means is critical. A recruitment agency’s value is based so much on its data and information after all

  • In response to today's unemployment figures from the Office for National Statistics, Kevin Green, CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, says

  • The UK faces a long and difficult path back to full employment according to a new report published today by the think tank IPPR. The report highlights the scale of the challenge facing the UK labour market with between 1.5 and 2 million jobs needing to be created to return the employment rate to its pre-recession level of 73 per cent

  • Businesses must get to grips with changes to discrimination law or face the consequences, warns Gareth McGhee, senior partner at EM Legal following the introduction of the Equality Act 2010 at the start of October

  • Poor applicant response rates are the result of ineffective job briefs

  • A survey conducted by online recruitment specialist Recruitment Genius identified that, for 61 per cent of the respondents, the internet was the preferred method of looking for work. This compared to 20 per cent who preferred to use a recruitment agency and just 6 per cent who visited the Job Centre

  • Industry viewpoint by Lisa Wynn, director and executive coach at Corporate Potential

  • The HR profession does not expect enough of itself and at the same time is not taken seriously enough by senior line management because it ìdoes not speak the language of business.î So says the Ochre House Network think-tank which includes over 650 major employers such as GE, IBM, NCR, PwC and Telefonica O2

  • The past eighteen months have been undeniably difficult for the UK marketing fraternity. Always the first to be shown the door in times of financial difficulties, marketers knew the writing was on the wall the moment the world recognised it was in meltdown

  • For the 2.46 million workers unemployed, this Christmas presents the perfect reason to loosen the tie and hang up the interview suit for a few weeks fuelled by the false belief that no one hires during December, particularly when half of British companies will be nursing their heads after Christmas parties