Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Survey highlights the importance of first impressions in the workplace

A new study into first impressions has revealed the true importance of how employees look and act in the workplace.

The First Impressions study, conducted on behalf of workwear provider Grahame Gardner Ltd by Censuswide, found that almost three quarters of UK adults make an initial judgement of a person within just a minute of meeting them.

The research also revealed almost a quarter (24.6%) of people assume a venue is of a better quality when they see a smartly dressed service person and more than a third (36.0%) of UK adults say they trust that person to do a better job.

Clothing was ranked as one of the top three things people notice first when making an initial judgement of a person, preceded by body language (31%) and facial features (15%)

Gary Lory, managing director of Grahame Gardner, said: “The results of our First Impressions study make for very interesting reading.

“We work with organisations across the UK to help them create the right first impression on their customers, whatever environment they operate in.

“Whether it’s a hospital, a veterinary surgery, a spa or a care home, making the right initial impact on your customers is of vital importance.

“Our research has confirmed first impressions really do count and that in some instances, that first impression can make or break your company’s reputation.”

The survey also highlighted a link between how employees dress and how they feel, with more than half (52.2%) of respondents stating being smartly dressed makes them feel confident, positive (35.4%) and professional (31.3%).

Gary added: “We know from speaking to our clients that how employees feel at work matters hugely in terms of their productivity and their manner.

“If your staff are feeling uncomfortable in what they’re wearing and lacking in confidence, then it’s likely your customers’ experience will suffer as a result.

“We work with all our clients to help them put in place workwear solutions that look good and feel good, too.”

Based in Leicester, Grahame Gardner Ltd is a leading workwear and uniform provider, working with companies including spas, care homes, veterinary surgeries and dental practices across the UK.

The First Impressions survey was conducted in 2016 by Censuswide, with 1,000 UK respondents.