Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Case Study: Cezanne HR's continued success Age UK Oxfordshire

Cezanne HR, the UK’s leading supplier of modern, easy-to-adapt and feature-rich HR software for mid-sized businesses, announces its continued success with one of the UK’s most respected charities, Age UK Oxfordshire.

The partnership between Age UK Oxfordshire and Cezanne HR began in 2018 after the charity recognised their reliance on paper-based HR processes wasn’t a sustainable way of working or growing safely. They needed an HR system with the sophistication of an enterprise solution, but the flexibility and adaptability of a bespoke build – this is where they approached Cezanne HR.

Sarah Jackson, Age UK Oxfordshire’s HR Manager commented that “We were nearly going to go with another software option, but when we started getting into the finer details, we discovered their system was role driven, as opposed to person. It was turning into a bit of a nightmare until I spoke to one of our auditors and they mentioned Cezanne HR.”

Ticking all the right boxes

For growing businesses that still rely on paper-based processes and spreadsheet-based reporting, shifting to an HR platform with in-built reporting software can be hugely beneficial. This was one aspect of the project Sarah was keen to focus on, as she explained: “Before Cezanne HR I couldn’t run reporting… in fact, when I was doing my monthly reporting, I remember saying to my boss at the time ‘This is best guesstimate. It’s not accurate because I can’t categorically trust the data in these spreadsheets!’ I was finding errors in them all the time.”

Sarah went onto say that “As an HR manager, I love the reporting functionality the Cezanne HR system offers. The accuracy we now have in both our data and reporting has made a massive difference. We’re now able to easily see patterns and trends in our data, which is great as it helps us to shape where we’re going from an HR point of view. I can see where our turnover is, I can see where our absence spikes are… it’s all really helped.”

You can read the full case study here.