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Cezanne launches new native payroll solution to drive smarter pay processing

This new offering will provide in-house payroll and HR teams with a native tool to drive smarter, seamless payroll processing, and accurately manage pay runs with complete peace of mind.

Human resources information system (HRIS) specialist, Cezanne, has announced the launch of a new payroll solution, Cezanne Payroll. The software builds on the firm’s existing systems to provide truly native end-to-end HR and Payroll solutions for customers.

This new offering will provide in-house payroll and HR teams with a native tool to drive smarter, seamless payroll processing, and accurately manage pay runs with complete peace of mind. As a native tool, Cezanne Payroll combines people and pay data, equipping businesses with everything required to be a compliant and data-driven organisation.

The new software, which is fully compliant with the latest UK payroll regulations, is also HMRC-recognised, meaning RTI submissions can be made from within the system and tax codes can be automatically downloaded and combined. It also embodies the advanced data security standards that are required of Cezanne as an FSQS registered business.

The combination of Cezanne HR and Payroll allows for accurate, efficient payroll processing without errors, ensuring timely pay runs and increased employee satisfaction. The payroll solution is a secure cloud software that meets the latest regulatory and compliance requirements in the UK, providing automated calculations to ease stress and workloads on payroll teams.

Cezanne Payroll will be rolled out to customers over the coming months, led by the company’s dedicated in-house experts.

John Hixon, COO at Cezanne, commented:

“It’s been some time since the market has seen a truly native solution built out like this and we’re excited to be driving this innovation as demand for all-encompassing HR and payroll software grows. This is a natural evolution in the Cezanne offering and will add significant value to our customers. Having a native solution that we’ve built ourselves, rather than bringing external add-ons into the mix has a wealth of benefits. Aside from the seamless integration it offers, this solution provides complete control and transparency for HR, payroll and administration teams. Having already built our HR software to deliver against the crucial people needs of firms, the addition of payroll further enhances our end-to-end solution for managing employees.”

“Providing one place, and by that we really mean ‘one’, not via a bolt-on, for all people data and systems will save time, administrative burdens and improve accuracy. More importantly, Cezanne Payroll ensures people are paid on time, with any changes to pay runs such as bonus add-ons, implemented easily. The fact that our software is recognised by HMRC also provides a level of trust and security at a time when risks around data security are of increasing concern.

“Cezanne has taken a different approach to many other players in the market in that we have brought payroll into our pre-built solutions, rather than the other way around. This means that we are able to offer software that truly meets the needs of both HR and payroll teams.”

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