Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Heatwave commentary - Totaljobs urges businesses to offer flexible working

Totaljobs is calling on businesses to not only offer flexible hours during heatwaves, but to adopt the same policy year-round with 84% of Brits wanting more flexibility with the working hours offered at their current job.

Alexandra Sydney, Group Marketing Director at Totaljobs, said:

“Employers may be considering more flexibility at work, in order to support staff through the record-breaking weather this week, but this way of working doesn’t have to end when the weather cools down. It’s important to remember that flexible working can do a lot more than simply relieving workers of a sweltering commute on a busy train or bus. Our research shows that 84% of workers are calling on businesses to be more flexible with the working hours offered. There are clear business benefits, with three quarters of managers believing their team would be more productive if hours were more flexible. While not all industries lend themselves to this way of working, many employers recognise flexibility as an opportunity to attract the best talent and plug the skills gap in the UK. More than 24,000 roles are advertised as ‘working from home’ on at the moment and we see flexibility increasingly taking a prominent place within job adverts, as part of an employer’s offering.”