Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

What Are The Best Cities In Europe To Find Tech Jobs?

Finding a job in technology has never been easier, thanks to the rapidly expanding global tech sector.

Now, there are plenty of jobs in tech whether it’s a full-on technology role or a supportive one in another industry. From technicians and operators, to IT support and software development, there are plenty of career opportunities that have been created thanks to the advancement of technology.

In fact, the job market has expanded so quickly that you might be hard-pressed in deciding where you want to work, as there are so many options available. Around the world, there are plenty of beautiful and exciting cities that are the prime locations for technology jobs. So, before needing to brush up on your interview skills and perfect your resume writing, why not take a browse at which cities are best for jobs in the technology sector?

The United Kingdom

The UK has many potential tech-friendly cities to choose from and depending upon your area of specialism, you might find London, Bristol or Cambridge more to your liking.

  • London

London is one of the technology capitals of the world, with over 40,000 tech companies in the inner city alone. So, whether you are looking to go into FinTech, EdTech, eCommerce or software development, London will have you covered. London offers some of the most profitable avenues to explore your career development, at the same time as being in the centre of a culturally rich, bustling city with quick transport connections to the rest of the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

  • The Golden Triangle

Billions of pounds of private and government investment in the tech industry have been poured into the geographical 'triangle' between Oxford, Cambridge and London. Besides being a famous university town, Cambridge is also known as the heart of the life science tech scene. So, if biological data analytics or bioinformatics are your specialities, then you would probably be most at home in Cambridge or the Golden Triangle.

  • Bristol

As well as London, Bristol is yet another location which is currently one of the top UK cities for tech workers right now. Bristol has recently seen a massive surge in technological investment due to the opening of a £2.4 million innovation hub at Bristol and Bath Science Park, primarily catering to the STEM and R&D sectors. If robotics are more your thing, then you will also find Bristol a welcoming place to work, as it is home to the largest robotics lab in Europe, which hosts events such as the four-year ARE (Autonomous Robot Evolution) project.


Not only is Malta a beautiful country with incredible sights, sounds and wonderful people, but it is also a burgeoning hub of technological development and a fantastic place to search for the best paying jobs in tech. In fact, Malta is best known for being one of the biggest iGaming hubs globally, with over 330 iGaming companies and over 9000 employees working in the industry on the small island.

iGaming is fast becoming one of the most lucrative and rewarding career choices for tech graduates, and Malta is already considered one of the best places to work in this sector due to the large numbers of iGaming companies choosing to settle on the island.

  • Sliema

Numerous iGaming companies and online betting businesses are based in the city of Sliema, Malta. This beautiful seaside town would be a great choice for anyone looking for a tech job in a Mediterranean country. Especially if free meals, free parking and a relaxed work atmosphere are things you enjoy!

iGaming companies need a myriad of tech workers in order to operate successfully and to deliver some of the highest quality casino games to their audiences around the world. This means that no matter your background in tech, there could potentially be a place for you in one of the iGaming or online betting companies based in Malta.

  • St George's Bay

The Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) is one of the largest iGaming companies globally, and just one of its operating locations just happens to be in St George's Bay, Malta. iGaming requires a variety of developers and tech experts in order to get off without a hitch. So, check out those job boards to snatch up the top-paying tech jobs the world has to offer. Malta's tech industry employs software developers, front end developers, and mobile iOS developers. But, they also require marketing experts, content writers, graphic designers, PR managers, administrators, tech support staff, traders and much more.


Over the years, Germany has been one of the fastest-growing markets for the IT and technology industry. Whether it’s IoT, blockchain, or big data, data suggests that Germany covers more than a fourth of the European market. With its iconic cities like Berlin and Hamburg, tech professionals can enjoy a job in an industry that they are passionate about as well as immersing themselves in German culture.

  • Berlin

Germany is a country brimming with cities suitable for people looking for the best paying tech jobs. Berlin offers software developers (and other tech specialists) top-notch wages and lower living costs than many other major European cities. Berlin is also the recipient of over 70% of Germany's national start-up investment, so you can be assured that there will always be new tech companies looking to recruit talented tech experts.

  • Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany's second-biggest city, but it is also one of the largest cities in the entirety of the EU (sixth-biggest). Hamburg is home to a rapidly growing FinTech sector, as well as boasting some of the most exciting eCommerce and gaming start-ups in Europe. Living and working in Germany offers many benefits, but perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting and potentially world-changing tech company that has just started up.