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Resume writing tips to catch the recruiter's eye

Do you want to have a resume that stands out from the crowd and catches the recruiter's eye?

A resume that guarantees your name is reflected on the org chart? If so, then these resume writing tips will help. You might not know it, but your resume is a marketing document. It's part of your personal brand and should be seen as such. This blog post will provide resume templates for both Word and InDesign, along with Venngage resume templates and CV maker for free!

If you are more of a resume writer or have done one before, these writing tips on how to make a resume will be simple for you to implement. A resume is not just about your work experience. It should briefly make a point of who you are, why you are an excellent candidate for the position, and what value you will bring to your new workplace. To do this effectively, resume writing tips can be implemented. Here's how:

Utilize Keywords

When resume templates are used correctly, then it is more likely that they will catch a recruiter or hiring manager's attention because it contains words relevant to their search criteria in industry-specific terms rather than generic resume language.

Use Short Sentences

Contractions like a"don't" instead of "do not" can help with brevity and make resume-writing easier on recruiters' eyes when scanning over resumes quickly during busy times at work! Shortening long phrases into shorter ones also helps create space for resume-writing tips to be included.

Be Consistent

Consistent resume writing is critical. This helps employers get a sense of what they are looking for when hiring someone in an industry-specific role. Plus, it can make resume templates more readable too! Of course, cover letter and resume templates should always be used.

Be Specific

This tip on how to write a resume can work wonders for resume clarity and will make resumes stand out because you are tailoring it to the job role mentioned in the job description (or at least trying to). The more relevant the resume content, the better the chance recruiters or hiring managers will want to read over it! Using words like 'accomplished' rather than just saying 'worked hard' allows an employer to see exactly what was accomplished during a specific period which may help them decide whether they would hire someone with those skills.

Use Resume Templates

Since resume writing is critical, resume writing tips can help to keep things consistent and readable for recruiters. This resume template helps with resume clarity by using bullet points that are formatted in a specific manner to draw attention to crucial information on resumes because it catches the eye of people who are quickly scanning over them at work! Be sure not to use too many words per line so as not to take up too much space within an employer's busy schedule, though. Bullets are also used sparingly throughout this resume template. They stand out more when being read through rather than simply being scattered everywhere like some other samples seen online (which can be off-putting). This gives employers clear guidance about what their future employees have to offer! 

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Here's how Venngage resume templates can help:

  • Create one in minutes using our drag & drop resume builder.
  • Make resume templates more readable with resume color schemes (there are hundreds to choose from).
  • Utilize resume templates properly by including keywords, short sentences, and consistency for optimal results.
  • Each resume template you make on Venngage is saved in your resume gallery, which means resume templates are always at the ready.
  • Create resumes like a pro with resume writing tips and industry-specific resume examples.
  • Add bulleted lists. Using resume templates with bullet points can make it easier for resume readers because this format helps organize thoughts and makes them seem more succinct! This resume writing tip is handy if you apply to a position requiring resume skills like sales or customer service. Resume template software like Venngage offers free resume templates in Word and InDesign, and other industry formats (like marketing).
  • Don't forget to include keywords that the recruiter is searching for. This resume writing tip will help you get your resume past an applicant tracking system (ATS), which scans resumes for relevant skills and experience.
  • Make sure the content is well-written! Many people believe formal or informal resume writing styles are required. However, both can be effective depending on what type of role you're applying for. For example, if you want a job in banking, then it might be best to use more formal language -. In contrast, something creative would require less formality, e.g. I used my creativity daily when designing flyers at XYZ Company / My position entailed creating flyers all day long.

Essential resume writing tips can help you in your job search. Make sure that they are included when using resume templates by utilizing the keywords, short sentences, consistency, and specificity mentioned above. Finally, resume templates should be used throughout resume writing tips, making them more readable for employers; it's never a bad idea to use resume templates when applying for jobs or building resumes!

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If you want free resume templates in both Word and InDesign, look no further than Venngage's resume template collection - all available for download here. It's easy to create a professional-looking resume with these resume templates that have been created especially by experts in the field. Not only do they provide creative ideas on how to catch the recruiter's eye, but they also offer advice about what information should be included when applying for specific jobs, e.g., resumes for graphic designers vs. resumes for engineers.

Remember that although recruiters receive hundreds upon thousands of resume submissions, they are looking for creative resume writing tips to make yours stand out. By following these resume writing tips, you will increase your chances of landing an interview!

So get started today by signing up with Venngage!