Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Website launched to provide salary data online - 12/2001

Cubiks launches CubikSurvey

Cubiks, the specialist HR consultancy in the PA Consulting Group, has launched an online salary survey database specifically designed for pay decision makers.

Using CubikSurvey, busy professionals will be able to log on to one website, select a job position and automatically generate detailed compensation reports that are tailored to the role in question in a matter of minutes.

These reports can be easily adjusted to account for factors such as the geographic location of the jobholder, the employerís business activity, the number of employees and the size of the organisationís turnover.

In this way, employers can guarantee that the information used to determine pay structures and form the basis of annual salary reviews, is as relevant and accurate as possible. Users decide how the information is presented to them by choosing from 12 different types of report.

Chris Welford, head of UK Operations for Cubiks comments: ìUntil now, finding pay data has been a maddeningly slow process that has usually involved trawling through cumbersome paper binders, only to find statistics that are already out-of-date. Users do not need an extensive background in the compensation arena to understand CubikSurvey and no specialist training is required.î