Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Using Content Marketing for Recruiting Benefit

Marketing is the lifeblood of any company. Without proper and effective marketing methods, a company cannot generate new business; and without any new business, a company will not be able to keep afloat

But there is another factor that is absolutely essential in keeping a business booming—filling it with the very best personnel. So if marketing is important for bringing in new customers, why not apply those same methods to bring in—and hold onto—the very best employees and new recruits.

Training companies have realized this for a while, and have been encouraging use of marketing best practices in recruiting, onboarding and training. In particular, modern digital marketing practices, and specifically content marketing, are especially important in reaching the modern workforce. Here are some of the best ways to reach new employees through content marketing.


A staggering number of recruiters are now using LinkedIn to search for and vet potential job candidates. Why? Because that is where the majority of the up and coming workforce is to be found. LinkedIn and other social networks are one of the first places that people will look to when investigating potential job opportunities. We live in world run by social media, as any marketer will tell you, which means that any recruiter needs to realize the same. Social media can be a powerful tool in recruiting.

It is not just in reaching out to good recruits where social media is important, however. Social media is one of the best tools for creating a solid company brand. When you reach out to potential recruits, the first place they will go to research your company will be on social media and your company’s website. This also makes it a good place to cultivate the kind of company culture that you wish to convey. This is done through publicizing company events and culture-centric posts through social media, but also through encouraging your employees to do the same.

Company Blog

However, simple promotion on social media is not quite enough, and on its own provides far too shallow a view of your company and brand. Using your company blog, you can provide people with much deeper insights. Make sure that you have someone running the blog who is able to provide useful, unique and usable content that can help you to develop a consistent following, keeping people coming back and sharing it with their connections.

If you can provide high quality blog posts that readers cannot find elsewhere on the web, you will be able to draw new readers, as well as return visits. You may want to also consider more eye catching content such as unique images and infographics, that will catch the eye on social media, and also boost sharing.

Repurposing Content

Another essential factor of good digital content is how long lasting and flexible it is. Digital marketers have been talking for some years now about the importance of “evergreen” content. Timely content is also important, but if you focus on creating content that can live forever on your site, and be repromoted occasionally, you will be able to keep people coming regardless of how long it has been since publishing.

Furthermore, you need to think about all of the various ways in which your content can be repurposed and reused to its full potential. You can share it on various websites, in various formats, and on all of your different social avenues. Putting the effort in to create this sort of content is well worth the effort, and the payback will be great for months to come.

These are just few of the ways in which you can use content marketing to aid with recruiting. If you are really serious about reaching the top talent, you will take note. Creating content is not just for marketers anymore, it is for you.