Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Unique assessment tool for the project management industry - 12/2001

from PMProfessional Learning

PMProfessional Learning have launched a knowledge assessment tool - KNASTO.

PMProfessional Learning understood from existing and potential customers that many would like some guidance on the level of training they need before registering for a project management course.

The application, available via the web, assesses knowledge across 25 areas. This objective assessment, combined with a self-rating for each knowledge area, is a powerful tool when identifying training and development needs.

Customersí project management standards are assessed within KNASTO by the use of multiple-choice questions where only one from four answers is incorrect - corresponding to a knowledge level of ìnoviceî. Other answers include a basic or partial response, a good response and an advanced response corresponding to the knowledge levels ìimproverî, ìproficientî and ìexpertî respectively. A ìdonít knowî option is also provided, mapped to the novice knowledge level.

All answers are traceable to the bodies of knowledge for the major project management professional institutes and associations and / or to relevant, contemporary standards and guidance documentation.

The online assessment can be completed in short bursts on multiple occasions or in one go. Typical total completion times are between 60 and 90 minutes.

Gerry Dodd, managing director, PMProfessional Learning explains, ìWe are very aware of companiesí diminishing training budgets as the economy tightens and have therefore provided a tool to help the HR profession identify exactly where their money should be spent. The output from KNASTO is designed so that individuals and organisations can identify where and what training is specifically needed. From there we can direct them to the most appropriate courses and help individuals and groups progress with tailor made plans for developmentî.