Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Tips To Recruit and Maintain the Best Technicians

Are you a property maintenance company manager?

The best property maintenance companies offer various services ranging from plumbing, lighting, ceiling, roof, tub, fence, doors, and broken locks repairs. Others also deal with trash removal, dealing with flooding issues, and move-out clean-ups, to mention a few. Property maintenance companies are always in demand as homeowners and property managers strive to keep their premises in top shape. As such, running a property maintenance service is lucrative, but surviving and gaining an edge in the competitive market requires you to recruit and retain a dream team.

How can you attract the best candidate? Where do you find them, and how can you approach the candidates and enjoy an efficient recruitment process? From training, hands-on experience to understanding various products and best tips for best practice, an ideal candidate can make your dream work. Experience handling adhesives in DIY projects isn't enough as you consider a candidate's fitness to join your property maintenance team. As you endeavor to recruit and maintain the best talent, here are a few pointers to consider.

Clearly define responsibilities

As you recruit a maintenance technician, defining the responsibilities should be prioritized to guide your vetting process. Most of the duties may be general, but this does not mean that you should blindly hit the market and hire the first talent that knocks on your door. Considering your typical clients' needs, you need to vet the technicians to ensure they are qualified to handle such situations. For instance, if most of your clients own old properties, it would be best to hire a technician capable of handling older systems such as boilers, among others, facilitating smooth operations. Defining the expected responsibilities allows you to find technicians with an experience tailored specifically to your operations’ line, helping you deliver and maintain top-class services, maintain a loyal client base, and win more business.

Keep the ads simple but clear

Whether placing the ads on job boards or your career site, keeping the ads simple and straightforward can't be stressed enough. Among the most overlooked section are the job titles and descriptions. Most hiring managers make the mistake of choosing complex titles, attempting to elaborate what the position entails. However, that could affect the job search ranking. Using common job titles makes it easier to reach an extensive pool and attract more potential candidates. Consider what the target technicians commonly search, and utilize such titles. Your description should also be precise, as no one wants to be bombarded by details that might not even affect their choice to apply for the position or not. Give enough details, but not so much that it makes the position feel more than it entails.

The benefits package is a gem

As you strive to attract the best candidates and maintained skilled technicians, a creative benefits package shouldn't be discounted. We all want to feel appreciated, and while your pay rates might be above the rest, without a benefits package, you can still lose the technicians. The best part is that benefits packages don't have to cost you a fortune. It is the small tokens that counts, making the technicians feel appreciated. For instance, as you might be operating on a 24/7 basis, offering emergency property maintenance services, giving the technicians a break when the workload isn't that demanding could be all you need to keep them happy. Bonuses, rewards for great jobs, insurance coverage, and other measures can considerably help you attract and maintain the industry's best technicians.

Leverage your stuff

A generous employee referral program can ease your quest to find and hire the best talent in the competitive market. You could also showcase what it entails to work in your company by sharing employee experience in the career section. Images and videos of the employees on their routine can give potential candidates a feel of what it means to work in your property maintenance company, helping you attract the right technicians. Maintaining a compelling career section detailing open positions and videos about your company's culture and processes gives the candidates the idea of what to expect if they join you.  Keeping the career section up to date also makes it easier to recruit the best talent, as you can passively recruit and fill positions faster than waiting until you need more technicians to join your team.

For the dream to work, teamwork is essential, and to ensure that every technician is pulling towards the same direction, recruiting the best talent shouldn't be discounted. Recruitment is not a cakewalk; while the market offers an extensive pool of potential technicians, filling the position with the best candidates can take time. If you hire the wrong technician, it will take forever to get them on board, costing you a lot more along the way. With the above pointers, you are a step closer to finding, hiring, and maintaining the best property maintenance technicians and keep your operations running smoothly.