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Textkernel passed NYC AI Law Audit, believe legislation is lES LEGISLATION IS KEY

Over the past few months, Textkernel has undergone a thorough audit to ensure compliance with the NYC Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDT) law. We’re thrilled to announce that we not only met the standards but exceeded them significantly. In this blog, we explore the significance of this achievement and our perspective on the importance of such regulation.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, AI tools are becoming increasingly prevalent, simplifying tasks and enhancing our experiences, particularly in HR and recruiting. However, the societal impact of AI cannot be overlooked. The deployment of AI without stringent guidelines is all too common, yet adherence to clear standards is essential to ensure AI is beneficially used for everyone.


Research shows that discrimination remains a pervasive issue in the job market, with numerous studies highlighting biases in decision-making. Introducing AI into HR and recruiting demands careful consideration to reduce, not exacerbate, these biases. Laws like NYC AEDT are vital in ensuring AI facilitates equal opportunities for all, especially within HR.

Transparency in our algorithmic processes has always been a cornerstone of Textkernel’s approach. Long before the concerns about AI bias and transparency became mainstream, we were committed to developing systems that are fair and transparent. Our Search & Match solution exemplifies our commitment to being a ‘white-box,’ which means it provides clear explanations for its recommendations. In doing so, we not only avoid introducing bias through the use of algorithms but also actively prevent bias that might otherwise occur in the process.


Effective since January 1st 2023, the NYC AEDT law aims to ensure fairness in employment decisions involving AI tools, specifically targeting those that influence hiring decisions in New York City. Despite our Textkernel Match system not making hiring decisions directly, it significantly influences the hiring process. We proactively chose to undergo the audit, reinforcing our dedication to transparency and fairness.

The  audit, conducted by Holistic AI, focused on evaluating how our matching system’s outcomes vary among individuals with certain characteristics, such as gender and ethnicity, which are often associated with discrimination in the job market. Our system was rigorously tested and proved to be unbiased, adhering to the law’s requirement for an “Impact Ratio” above 0.8, with 1 being the highest score. Textkernel consistently surpassed these benchmarks.

At Textkernel, we advocate for responsible AI in HR and recruitment, emphasizing ethical practices and equal opportunities. Our audit results underscore our proactive stance towards transparency and fairness.

For more details on our commitment to preventing bias, visit our page on Responsible AI.


Looking ahead, legislative initiatives like the California AI Accountability Act, and the EU AI Act underscore the importance of ethical AI. Textkernel supports these regulations, believing in the positive societal impact of AI. As businesses navigate AI compliance, choosing reliable partners is paramount. Textkernel stands as a rock-solid ally in HR and recruitment, offering expertise and support for ethical AI adoption.

For businesses seeking assistance with compliance or ethical AI implementation, Textkernel is your trusted partner toward responsible and compliant AI adoption.