Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Skillsarena announce managerial changes


On-line skill testing specialist Skillsarena is pleased to announce the re-appointment of Vanessa Kimbell as Managing Director. Vanessa is no stranger to the company having played an instrumental role in the launch of Skillsarena in 2002 and, on return from maternity leave, is now set to develop the testing capabilities and software currently on offer. The permanent appointment has been made following the resignation of former Sales Director, James Coe, who leaves behind him an experienced and knowledgeable sales and technical team.

The last eighteen months has seen Skillsarena launch ten suites of assessments covering areas from computer skills such as Microsoft Office, and secretarial/clerical through to call centre, numeric and literacy skills. Vanessaís intention for the next eighteen months is to further develop and market the product lines on offer, ensuring clients will be provided with the ìbest on-line testing application on the marketî at a competitive and cost effective price.