Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Simplify Your Recruitment Process with CandidateZip

Do you agree that streamlining the recruitment process in a small organization is a tiresome task? I believe yes, it is.

Imagine what would happen if recruiters find the right tool to have an automated recruitment process.

If you want a streamlined and automated recruitment process, then get a perfect recruitment solution such as CandidateZip. It is a resume parser tool, which helps recruiters to extract resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM.

You Might Want to Know What CandidateZip is.

CandidateZip is a global leader of simplified resume/job extraction into ATS/CRM for recruiters. Recruiters can quickly set up this automated extraction of resumes in three easy steps. The main feature of CZ is that it helps recruiters in saving time on data entry so that they can do what they love to do.

Are You Interested in Finding Out What CandidateZip Does?

As we all know, recruiters are solely relying on the relevant data about the candidates. Maintaining the updates on the database of candidates and filtering resumes as per the desired qualification is a pre-requisite for the recruitment process. CZ helps in streamlining this process and makes it more systematic and quicker.

a) The first step is that it collects the resumes from various sources available.

b) Secondly, after obtaining the information, the data is extracted from the resumes and processed as per the industry standards.

c) The third step is to store data in their CRM/ATS.

CandidateZip provides you a simple setup, a process free from coding for the parsing of resumes and the filtration of data. Once recruiters build their qualified data, they can run their campaigns.

How CandidateZip Simplifies The Recruitment Process?

  • Three-Step Process: With CZ's one-time setup, there is no need to repeat the process. Simply follow the three easy steps, and enjoy resume parsing.
  • Automatic Extraction of Data: Recruiters can simplify resumes/jobs extraction into ATS/CRM quickly. As a result, this automation extraction of data will fasten your recruitment process.
  • Quality Candidates: The data extracted for designated fields helps to choose the perfect candidate. CZ's filtered information of candidates also allows recruiters to close more jobs quickly.
  • Time- Saving Process: Recruiters can parse resumes quickly, which saves a lot of time. They can save endless hours of sorting resumes in just a few clicks and invest their time on activities that can get the results.

Who Can Avail CandidateZip's Exclusive Services?

  • Staffing Companies: CZ offers a tool that is free from coding and technical hassles. It helps staffing companies to extract data from resumes, which results in a fast recruitment process.
  • Recruiters: CZ helps recruiters in extracting resume data in a matter of a few minutes and closing the job quickly.
  • Start-ups: For startups, screening multiple resumes single-handedly is a major task. CZ helps them to automate the recruitment process by simplifying the data extraction from any source into your ATS/CRM.

Use CandidateZip and save your precious time by letting technology handle the routine work and focus more on the bigger picture.