Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Online mentoring set to revolutionise management consultancy

Britainís management consultants are facing the biggest ever shake-up of their industry with the advent of the UKís first professional online mentoring service.

The news follows the governmentís initiative to assist start-up companies with a business mentoring network for budding entrepreneurs.

Now, larger companies will have access to professional business advice in a secure online environment without the costs associated with traditional face-to- face sessions.

Wra ltd the UKís first online mentoring firm is the brainchild of a Berkshire businesswoman Deborah Edgar, who saw a gap in the market for a round-the-clock mentoring service offering support to board directors and senior tier management teams of large companies.

Launching the business from its headquarters in Bracknell, Deborah Edgar said: ìThere is a new world order in business mentoring, one that has spurned the traditional and costly face-to-face meeting in favour of the virtual consultation that offers 24-hour access to expert business advice.

ìBusiness leaders do not switch off when they leave the office. Wra ltd recognises that fact and offers them somewhere to turn to air their concerns at any time rather than waiting for the next diarised meeting with a traditional mentor.î

Having a business mentor is like having a personal fitness trainer, but rather than being concerned with achieving fitness goals, they are focused on helping people achieve their business goals.

Wraís online mentors remain anonymous to their mentees so that emotional issues do not get in the way of the business objectives.

Clients are better able to express their business problems with an anonymous mentor online and do not face the embarrassment of talking about personal matters with someone face-to-face. It means progress towards meeting a clientís goals can be made more quickly.

Deborah says: ìClients have the freedom to initiate contact at any time and the promptness of the response means that issues can be addressed immediately.

ìMentees engage in a faster, more interactive and dynamic learning experience to the benefit of the mentee and the client organisation.î