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Join the Actics revolution aligning actions and ethics

The Actics Age

Actics is the worldís first online ethical rating tool pioneering the new trend in ethical awareness and social responsibility. Itís time for an ethical reality check on your business and Actics can help you turn your static, ethical intentions into active ones. Regardless of what industry you are in, you canít hide from it anymore, attitudes are changing and your personal and corporate ethics are under the spotlight.

Actics can help you differentiate your business and yourself from all those who have let ethics slip into the background. If you had to choose a hotel, school, restaurant, food brand, accountant, lawyer or supermarket with a high Actics rating, endorsed by thousands of people or one that had a low rating or no ethical values at all, who would you choose?

Actics is a free online community as well as a provider of corporate solutions to live out your values in alignment with your stakeholders. The Actics software can be integrated into your companyís intranet/extranet/website depending on who you wish to involve. Most companies choose to involve the employees and thus activating the values within the organisation as the first step of introducing Actics. When the company has progressed to living the values dynamically, a profile is created in the public community to showcase the company to external stakeholders and involve them in its development.

Nicolai Peitersen, an economist, who used to work for the Danish central bank and the investment bank J.P. Morgan before he founded Actics in 2005, believes ethics has become a competitive differentiator today:

ìWeíre in the middle of an ethical economy where companies experience an increasing pressure from customers and investors to make a stand on what ethics mean to them. Actics gives companies the opportunity to choose their own ethical values, be measured by them and involve their stakeholders in a process that improves their ability to act in accordance with their values while drawing their stakeholders closer,î Nicolai Peitersen says.

How it works
Log on to . Once registered you choose your corporate or personal values and state how you live or action them. You invite friends, colleagues, clients, investors, partners to view your values and rate you out of 100 according to how they feel you are upholding these values. Ratings can be weighted, for example clients ratings could have a higher weighting than employees and be average out accordingly. Online comments and suggestions can be given and received, companies can be endorsed, your rating can be made visible on your website to attract the right kind of attention. For further information about frequently asked questions go to: