Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to Get Secure Online Faxing Capabilities?

Many businesses are making the switch to online faxing services since traditional fax machines are obsolete.

The technologically advanced services speed up the process and give business owners immediate records of all transmissions. The systems are easy to use and comply with all federal laws and IT standards.  

Integrate Online Faxing as a Business Service 

The organization sets up the services via an off-site vendor. The owner connects via their user account and decides what workers will use the faxing services. When setting up their business services, the owners or managers choose from packages according to the total number of faxes they send or receive each month. It's possible to increase the number of allowed faxes or switch packages according to the company's needs. 

Once the services are established, the company has a local fax number they can give to customers and business partners. If the company conducts services or business outside of the U.S., they can get an international fax number for overseas customers and organizations. 

When choosing online faxing services, the owner looks at the security features, ease of use, and how well the services integrate into their existing network. The fees for faxing are minimal compared to operating an on-site fax machine and supplying it with paper. Businesses can learn more about secure online faxing by contacting a vendor now. 

Set Up User Accounts for Workers

Each employee who gets authorization from the owner to use the online faxing services receives login credentials. The permissions for the accounts are based on each worker's security clearance. They will not get access to documents that are classified or beyond their level, and the service provider can block certain accounts based on the company's preferences. 

The accounts give the owner access to information about their workers, and they can gauge the individual's work performance. Online records of the faxes and cover letters show if the workers are maintaining compliance with all federal laws and IT standards.  

Choose Cloud Storage for All Fax Documents

Off-site cloud servers make it easier for the company to expand and accommodate higher volumes of data. The same approach is used for online faxing services, and the service provider gives the owner plenty of space for all copies of their faxes, and the documents attached to the transmissions.  

Set Up Faxing Via Email and Apps

Online fax services are connected to the company's email accounts and provide better protection for confidential records such as medical data. The workers connect to their email accounts via their computers and smartphones.

According to HIPAA compliance requirements, email-based faxing is more secure than sending the information through the service directly. The employees have records of the transmissions in their accounts and can review the documents at any time.

Define Robust Security Schemes Through Your Network

Whenever the owner sets up the fax as business services, their administrator applies robust security schemes to protect the transmissions. The data is encrypted and protected by a secure socket layer that stops outsiders from decoding the data or gaining access to it. 

Organizations in all industries use faxing services for sharing information with business partners and collecting contracts from clients. With traditional fax machines, documents are often hard to read and not as credible if the business must go to court because of terms of service violations. An online faxing service complies with HIPAA and other federal laws and offers exceptional capabilities for companies.