Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How technology will help attract, hire and engage the right talent

The world is changing. Businesses within most major industries are experiencing an age of digital transformation. Here at Blue Octopus, change doesn’t scare us. Change drives us. We are constantly listening, challenging and leading industry change.

Established in 2010, Blue Octopus recognised how critical talent acquisition and management is to all successful businesses, no matter the size. We also recognised how expensive and time-consuming recruitment can be to any business. As a result, Blue Octopus was formed with the central premise of always offering a next generation, tech-led online recruitment management solution.

Octo Recruitment Technology

Technology to streamline recruitment and HR practises 

Octo is our next generation talent acquisition platform which uses advanced technology to both streamline and elevate your recruitment and HR practices. Octo, enables you to work faster and more efficiently. And, it’s available across all devices – a must in today’s fast paced world.

Gain deeper insight 

Octo smart technology allows you to manage and track all your recruitment processes from one central hub. Our technology allows you to use analytics and generate custom-built reports so you can keep track of each role, candidate and where they are in your recruitment process.

Tech solutions to suit your budget

We all need good people, yet recruitment is seen to be expensive. With Blue Octopus, it’s not. There are too many applicant tracking systems out there that make unrealistic claims. We provide scalable solutions to suit you; working to your needs and budget.

Technology driven brand engagement

As an employer, engaging potential employees with your brand is essential to the recruitment process. With our services, we help you attract new talent by showing them what your business stands for, from the first interaction.

Increase Attraction of Top Talent

As the world grows, we recognise the fight for talent is becoming more competitive, so we act boldly and quickly to help the businesses we partner with stand out from the crowd. With access to the best job boards, leading online platforms and CV databases, we expand your reach and find the talent you need quickly and efficiently.

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