Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How Students Can Get an Internship During This Pandemic

The pandemic's economic impact has been widespread, leaving more than 26.4 million Americans without a job

It has affected young people hoping for summer internships and other professional prospects. Research shows that about 16 percent of employers have revoked internships, and 2 percent of employees have revoked full-time offers.

Out of the employers continuing with the internship programs, 75% have made some changes to the program. Some of the changes that companies are implementing to the internship program include virtual internships, shorter internship periods, and fewer candidates. Here are creative ways students can get an internship despite the pandemic.

1.Upgrade Your Skills and Education

Employers value the skills you bring to them. Therefore, if you are having trouble getting a summer internship, utilize this time to upgrade your education or learn new skills. You can start by earning an online high school diploma instead of a GED. Research on the top skills that employers look for on resumes, such as problem-solving and project management skills, and start learning. Many educational institutions are offering free courses online for technical and creative skills.

Use this time to create projects such as starting a blog, creating a website, or solving a business problem. You can add all these projects and experiences to your resume or demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

2.Create Virtual Internships

A poll of 283 companies recruiting college students found that 40% of employers have adopted virtual internship programs. Although companies moving online means there are no offices to work, it opens up opportunities for you to intern virtually. You could create a virtual internship if you were already interviewing or networking.

Show initiative by pitching your own virtual internship. This will help you demonstrate grit and stand out to a recruiter. Prepare to share how you could help the potential employer to fill a particular gap in the pandemic's time.

3.Be Ready to Volunteer

Do not fear to volunteer if you find it hard to secure a well-paying internship opportunity. When you volunteer, you will not be getting remuneration. But you will get the right experience and skills which you need to add to your CV. Also, some organizations hire volunteers with time when they realize the potential in the intern. Find out the various organizations with the volunteer listing, and apply them to work with them. You will be surprised by the exposure you will get from those firms, and you will use them as your stepping stone to bigger things.

4.Be Focused, But Flexible

As you start your career, you should broaden your prospects. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated how fast the best and well-crafted plans can change. Therefore, expand your thinking and the type of industries you would want to work for. If your focus was on becoming a laboratory researcher in a university lab that is no longer offering internships, consider diverting to scientific writing or pharmaceuticals. If you were applying for internship positions at consulting firms, you might reconsider applying to nonprofits or startups. The key to landing an internship position at this time of crisis is to keep brainstorming and look for alternative directions.

Even though unemployment has recorded the highest levels due to social distancing and business closures, graduates and soon-to-be graduates can secure an internship if they get a little creative. Use this time to network and know people in different career fields.