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How recruitment marketing automation tools improve the candidate experience

In the ever-evolving recruitment landscape, a streamlined hiring process is crucial.

Automation in recruitment marketing can do more than save a talent team time —it also helps to keep candidates warm, while delivering a world-class recruitment experience. How can hiring teams use recruitment marketing automation to supercharge their recruitment and engage the best talent? Let’s find out. 

It starts with understanding candidate experience

The candidate experience encompasses the jobseeker’s perspective of a company’s hiring process. This starts from the moment they first see your job ad, through onboarding and beyond. It’s a key part of the talent acquisition process and can be the deciding factor for top talent when accepting or rejecting an offer. A negative candidate experience, with lengthy wait times, poor interview processes, or complex applications, can tarnish a company’s reputation. But, providing a good candidate experience can positively impact offer acceptance rates —and do wonders for your employer brand. 

What is recruitment automation?

Automated recruiting saves HR teams time and resources when guiding candidates through the hiring process. In a competitive talent market, top talent gets snapped up quickly. Automation allows companies to fast-track their hiring processes without compromising on candidate experience. 

Enhancing the Candidate Experience with Clinch

Clinch’s marketing automation software gives time back to recruiters while keeping top talent actively engaged in the hiring process. Let’s take a look at some of its powerful recruitment automation functionality: 

Personalised candidate communication workflows

Clinch helps talent teams offer a personalised candidate experience, from first interaction to a submitted application. Talent teams can plan automated email and text workflows tailored to each candidate’s preferences and past actions. That way, hiring teams can keep candidates warm with personalised updates, at scale. 

Smart job recommendations 

Smart job recommendations guide candidates on your career site to best-fit job ads, using their preferences and previous engagement history. By showing candidates personalised content that’s relevant to them, they’re more likely to take action and hit ‘apply’. 

24/7 job alerts and incomplete application reminders

These automated alerts notify candidates of movements in real time. Whether they’re interested in new roles, or have an incomplete application, these timely prompts help to drive engagement —and deliver more completed applications.

Easy-to-use career sites 

Clinch simplifies career sites with intuitive page templates, built-in marketing optimisation, and automated SEO processes. That way, your job postings reach a wider audience, without all the manual effort. 

Explore the power of automation with Clinch

Clinch’s marketing automation technology transforms the candidate experience from start to finish, providing a unique and tailored journey for every candidate. Discover how you can deliver an outstanding candidate experience, all automated behind the scenes. Book a call to get started today.