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Unlocking Talent Gold: The Power of Silver Medalists in Your Recruitment Strategy

In the fiercely competitive landscape of talent acquisition, organisations are constantly seeking innovative ways to identify and attract top-tier candidates.

But for many companies, there is an untapped pool of talent that often goes unnoticed – the silver medalists. In this blog, we’ll explore who silver medalists are, why they should be a crucial component of your talent attraction strategy, and provide some valuable tips for internal recruitment professionals.

Who Are Silver Medalists?

Silver medalists are the high-performing individuals who narrowly missed the top spot in a previous round of recruitment. Because they made it to the later stages of the recruitment process, it’s extremely likely that they possess the skills, experience, and cultural fit that your organisation is looking for, making them a potential goldmine of untapped talent. These candidates have already demonstrated their capabilities and commitment to excellence, showcasing a hunger for success that can greatly benefit your team.

Advantages of Targeting Silver Medalists

  • Proven Potential - Silver medalists have already proven themselves in a competitive environment. The fact that they weren’t ultimately offered a role doesn’t diminish their talent or potential; in fact, it often fuels their determination to succeed. By targeting silver medalists, you’re tapping into a pool of candidates who are already primed for success, bought in to your employer brand and are eager to prove themselves.
  • Cost-Effective Solution - Recruiting silver medalists can be a cost-effective strategy. By reaching out to candidates already known to you, you can avoid having to pay expensive job board or agency fees. By targeting individuals you’ve already spent money on reaching, you’re securing high-quality candidates at a potentially lower cost, contributing to a more efficient recruitment process and lowering your overall ROI.
  • Faster Onboarding - Silver medalists often require less time to assimilate into their roles. Having come close to securing a position in a similar setting, they are already familiar with the industry, company dynamics, and the expectations of high-performance roles. This accelerated onboarding process can be a game-changer for organisations seeking to quickly integrate new talent into their teams.

Top Tips for Targeting Silver Medalists

  • Establish Relationships - Maintain a database of silver medalists from previous recruitment processes. Regularly engage with them through personalised communications, showcasing your organisation’s growth and achievements. Maintaining a relationship with them can make it easier to re-engage them when new opportunities arise.
  • Showcase Growth Opportunities - Highlight the potential for career advancement and professional development within your organisation. Silver medalists are often ambitious individuals who are likely seeking avenues for growth. Clearly communicate how your company can provide the challenges and opportunities they crave.
  • Leverage Data Analytics - Utilise data analytics to identify trends and patterns among silver medalists. Understand the common attributes that make them successful within your organisation and use this information to fine-tune your recruitment strategy.


In the quest for talent, it’s essential for internal recruitment professionals to recognize the untapped potential of silver medalists. By strategically targeting these high-performing individuals, employers can secure top-tier talent at a reasonable cost, ensuring a faster and more efficient onboarding process. The silver medalists, with their proven potential and hunger for success, are a key ingredient in building a robust and dynamic workforce that propels your organisation to new heights.

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